The summer when air travel was supposed to return to normal after a two-year pandemic vacuum is in danger of becoming the summer when the high-volume, low-cost air travel model broke down – at least in Europe’s sprawling integrated market.

The Frames are IPX4-rated, so all the electronic components should be able to withstand sweat or splashes of water. And just like regular glasses, they fogged up whenever I stepped outside and wore a mask on a hot summer day in New York. That said, they’re not waterproof so you still shouldn’t take them in a pool or to the beach. 

A team of Brazilian police divers recovered the speedboat that was used by British journalist Dom Phillips and Brazilian indigenous expert Bruno Pereira to travel Brazil’s Amazon before they were killed.

Analysts say the labor squeeze may raise costs beyond the summer, but it is too early to tell whether the industry must step back from the pre-pandemic model of ever-rising volumes and cost-cutting, which generated new routes and kept fares low.

« It’s more comfortable packing a hair dryer or a computer in a box than heaving a 50-pound suitcase crawling into the fuselage of an airplane, » said Thomas Richter, chief of the German ground-handling employers’ association ABL.

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The irony is that all the other pieces included in the box give off the impression of a premium product, including the leather glasses case and braided charging cable. The glasses themselves feel like the cheapest thing in the package.

When connected to an iPhone or Android phone over Bluetooth, it can make audio calls, play music, set timers and answer questions (such as « What’s the weather? »). The Echo Frames also take advantage of Alexa’s skills and smart device controls, so it can turn on compatible smart lights or a TV. 

Djeffal offers a taste of what airports and airlines across Europe are up against as they race to hire thousands to cope with resurgent demand, dubbed « revenge travel » as people seek to make up for vacations lost during the pandemic.

I hope he can turn it around work hard Dele you can do this. Spurs fan Ilan Benjamin added: ‘From a Spurs fan I wish Dele well. One final thought Mourinho did nothing to help take him forward from Poch time at Spurs actually the opposite.’ 

Shock at their fate has echoed across Brazil and around the world, highlighting the overhaul of indigenous agency Funai under President Jair Bolsonaro, along with a rising tide of violence and criminal incursions on native lands.

The Civil Police said the suspects placed sink sandbags before sinking the speedboat 65 feet deep under and 98 feet to the right of the Itacoai River shore in the Amazon rainforest near the northern town of Cachoeira.

Unlike Google’s ill-fated Glass or Snapchat’s Spectacles, Amazon’s $250 specs (discounted to $180 as part of its invite-only Day One edition prelaunch) look largely like regular glasses. Amazon’s Echo Frames drew plenty of attention when they were announced last year among the company’s Alexa-powered blitz of new products. They also lack cameras, outward-facing lights or a heads-up display. 

Phillips, a 57-year-old freelance reporter, was doing research for a Book Store on the trip with the 41-year-old Pereira, a former head of isolated and recently contacted tribes at federal indigenous affairs agency Funai.

Authorities have said a main line of the police investigation into the disappearances has pointed to an international network that pays poor fishermen to fish illegally in the Javari Valley reserve, which is Brazil’s second-largest indigenous territory.

But while the frames look relatively nice, for $180 (or Books the $250 regular price after the invitation window has closed), Amazon needs to put more focus on the build quality. I could never get the glasses completely closed because the arms were so bulky, and it ended up looking awkward and unbalanced. The plastic feels cheap and fragile.

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The Merseyside club brought in Alli on a two-and-a-half-year deal from Tottenham as the 25-year-old looks to reignite his career and Van De Beek on loan from Manchester United until the end of the season.

Granted, it is nice to ask out loud if it’s going to rain when seeing ominous clouds, and then instantaneously get an answer. Alexa does a good job of calling my contacts too (though it isn’t able to send an iMessage, initiate a video call or connect to WhatsApp). In general, unless you’re a big Alexa user, I’m not convinced that the smart assistant does enough to justify buying the Frames.  I also like being able to ask about any random piece of information (a sports score, say) without having to take out my phone.